Thursday, February 19, 2009

Camden Brookwood 147 26th Street NW, Apt 1111, Atlanta, GA 30309-4804

Jot down the address above. You'll need it when you come down south to visit me because starting March 13th this will be my place of residence. It's pretty fantastic and close to everything, including SCAD (I can ride my bike there). There is a fitness center, pool, grilling area, outdoor fireplace and even a small dog park all for resident use on this property. My apartment has an open floor plan and a bit of industrial/urban look. It's a two bedroom with huge closets and bathrooms. There is a balcony off the master (which you can also get to from the living room. I'm so excited to paint a few accent walls, add my furniture and hang some art work to make it my own. I'll take pictures and post them on here when I get everything together.


Vitamin B-Lardo said...

Wowie!!!! You even know your apartment number!! So Freaking Exciting.

Pavitra said...

So excited for you. You are being so brave on this move. Love it!!